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The premier national scholarship for those aspiring to careers in public service. Truman Scholars are future "change agents" who demonstrate the passion, intellect, and leadership potential that in time should enable them to improve the ways that public entities - be they government agencies, nonprofit organizations, public and private educational institutions, or advocacy organizations - serve the public good.


Provides up to $30,000 in funding to students pursuing graduate degrees leading to career in public service, including education, social service or social work, public advocacy law, the Foreign Service, non-profit management, public health, politics, and any other field that serves the public through government or non-profit careers.

The Truman Foundation also provides its scholars assistance with career counseling, internship placement, graduate school admissions, and professional development. Scholars are invited to participate in a number of programs: Truman Scholar Leadership Week, The Summer Institute, The Truman Fellows Program, and the Public Service Law Conference. 

Eligibility Criteria: 
  • A full-time student pursuing a bachelor's degree with junior-level academic standing; or, senior-level standing in the third year of college enrollment.
  • U.S. citizen or a U.S. national from American Samoa or the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
  • 3.5< GPA (and top-25% class status)
Award Requirements: 

Truman Scholarship recipients are required to attend Truman Leadership Week.

Application Process: 

Students who wish to apply for the Truman must be nominated by Arizona State University, which may nominate up to four students per year.  

Prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to thoroughly review all of the guidance to applicants available on the Truman Scholarship website (  An application for nomination consists of the following items:

  • The online application. To access the online application, students must first be activated by ONSA. Students who wish to activate an application must first send a resume and an unofficial transcript to Dr. Kyle Mox (, after which they will be contacted to schedule an appointment with ONSA.
  • Three letters of recommendation. Prospective applicants should note that the topics of these letters are to be written on specific topics: one letter should address Leadership Potential and Abilities, another will comment on Commitment to a Career in Public Service, and the third will discuss Intellect and Prospects for Continuing Academic Success.  The letters are due at the same time as the application; therefore, applicants should contact their potential referees well in advance of the campus deadline. The letters of recommendation can be submitted via email to Kyle Mox  (kyle.mox@asu.eduor as hard copies to ONSA.

Nomination timeline

After an initial review, a number of applicants will be invited to interview with the ASU Truman Scholarship Committee. Interviews will take place during the beginning of January after holiday break.  Shortly after the interviews, the four nominees will be announced.

The nominees will continue working with ONSA to revise their application materials in preparation for the February foundation deadline.

Nomination Required?: 

Eligible Students:

Candidate Profile:

early November
Must Apply thru ONSA