Google PhD Fellowship


Intake Meeting - Feb 1, Campus Nomination Deadline - March 1, Final Submission Deadline - May 1


Google PhD Fellowships directly support graduate students as they pursue their PhD, as well as connect them to a Google Research Mentor.

Nurturing and maintaining strong relations with the academic community is a top priority at Google. The Google PhD Fellowship Program was created to recognize outstanding graduate students conducting exceptional and innovative research in areas relevant to computer science and related fields. Fellowships support promising PhD candidates of all backgrounds who seek to influence the future of technology. Google’s mission is to foster inclusive research communities and encourages people of diverse backgrounds to apply. 


Students receive named Fellowships which include a monetary award. The funds are given directly to the university to be distributed to cover the student’s expenses and stipend as appropriate. In addition, the student will be matched with a Google Research Mentor. For more information on each country's specific benefits, see the FAQ page accordion titled "What does the Google PhD Fellowship include?"

Eligibility criteria

Eligibility varies from region to region - the region you would apply for is the region where you are attending graduate school (ASU students as the United States, regardless of citizenship). Students must be nominated by their university in order to eligible .

All regions

  • Students must remain enrolled full-time in the PhD program for the duration of the Fellowship or forfeit the award.
  • Google employees, and their spouses, children, and members of their household are not eligible.
  • Students that are already supported by a comparable industry award are not eligible. Government or non-profit organization funding is exempt.


Application Process

To apply for the Google PhD Fellowship, students must first be nominated by ASU. The University may nominate up to four students for this award. Although many students may be eligible to apply for this award, not all eligible students are competitive.

For complete application instructions, refer to the materials provided on the 'Apply Now' page on the ONSA site.