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The Winston Churchill Foundation of the United States offers American citizens of exceptional ability and outstanding achievement the opportunity to pursue graduate studies in engineering, mathematics, or the sciences (STEM) at Cambridge University.  The Churchill Scholarship is among the most prestigious postgraduate awards in the world and is offered to only 15 students per year.


The Churchill Scholarship covers all university and college fees and provides a living allowance, a travel and visa allowance, a personal travel award, and the possibility of a special research grant. The total value is between $51,000 and $62,000.

Eligibility criteria

An applicant for the Churchill Scholarship must be a citizen of the United States, either native born or naturalized, and must be a senior who is enrolled in one of the institutions participating in the Scholarship Program or a student who has graduated from one of those institutions within the past 12 months. Upon taking up the Churchill Scholarship, a Churchill Scholar must hold a bachelor's degree or an equivalent, and may not have attained a doctorate.

Award requirements

Recipients must remain in residence at Cambridge University for the duration of the award.

Selection criteria

Competitive applicants will demonstrate superior academic achievement (3.9+ cumulative GPA), proven talent in research, and a capacity to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the sciences, engineering, or mathematics by pursuing original, creative work at an advanced level as demonstrated by awards, prizes, research, and letters of recommendation.

Application Process

Arizona State University may nominate only two students per year. 

For full information on the nomination process, visit

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  • Funding for Graduate Study
  • International Study or Experience


  • STEM

Eligible applicants

  • Fourth-year+ Undergrads
  • Undergraduate Alumni

Citizenship status

  • US Citizen

ASU Nomination required

  • Yes

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