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The DAAD Undergraduate Scholarship supports semester- and year-long study abroad experiences in Germany, including participation in a study abroad program, individualized study, senior thesis research, or internships.  Applications are accepted from sophomores and juniors.

Competence in German is not mandatory, although language aquisition/improvement should be a part of any proposal. In addition, applicants must demonstrate an interest in contemporary German and European affairs and be able to explain the significance of their proposed activity in regard to future study, research or professional goals.

Scholarships are granted for a minimum of four months (i.e. one semester) and a maximum of 10 months (i.e. one academic year). Recipients are awarded a monthly stipend of approximately €650, plus additional funds to help defray travel and research expenses, as well as health insurance.

Application Process: 

Eligibility requirements:

  • US or Canadian citizens or permanent residents
  • Under age 32
  • Sophomore- or junior-year standing at time of application (by date of expected graduation)
  • Foreign nationals are eligible if they have been full-time students at an accredited US or Canadian university for more than one year at the time of application and will return to the US or Canada after the scholarship period to complete the bachelor's degree
  • In addition, applicants must be able to receive academic credit for the proposed activity in Germany.

The application is submitted online through the DAAD portal. Students are also required to mail three (3) copies of the “Application summary” (PDF file), which is generated in the DAAD portal after the online application procedure has been completed, to the application address.

Access to the DAAD portal opens about six (6) weeks before the application deadline.

Nomination Required?: 
late January
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