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Support for students and alumni

The Lorraine W. Frank Office of National Scholarships Advisement provides support for ASU students and alumni who apply for major national scholarships and fellowships. Over the past two decades, hundreds of ASU students have been awarded millions of dollars in external funding, placing ASU among the top schools in the United States for success in national scholarship competitions. Read about our recent successes on our News page.

If you are the recipient of a major scholarship or fellowship but do not see your name listed below, please contact

Awards in the last 10 years

Boren: 33

CLS: 21


Fulbright: 185

Gilman: 392

Goldwater: 21

Marshall: 5

Pickering: 6

Rangel: 3

Rhodes: 3

Udall +Hon Mention: 11


Most recent award recipients

Award Name Student Name Country/University
Barrett Global Explorers Grant Acacia Wastchak N/A
Barrett Global Explorers Grant Gabriella Cerna N/A
Barrett Global Explorers Grant Priyati Sharma N/A
Boren Lili Derby-Lawson Chinese - Language
Boren Armando Hernandez Chinese - Language
Boren Justin Kopek Portugese - Language
Boren Sarah Held Chinese - Language
Critical Language Scholarship Sinclair Bagwell Chinese - Language
Critical Language Scholarship Chandler Camarena Russian - Language
Critical Language Scholarship Mary Carr Chinese - Language
Critical Language Scholarship Cassidy Durland Russian - Language
Critical Language Scholarship Nathaniel Ross Russian - Language
Critical Language Scholarship Lakshmi Sawhney Hindi - Language
DAAD-RISE Justin Crawford Germany
DAAD-RISE Devin DeCosmo Germany
DAAD-RISE Abhirup Vijay Gunakar Germany
DAAD-RISE Neha Balamurugan Germany
DAAD-RISE Timothy Chase Germany
DAAD-RISE Hitesh Gurram Germany
DAAD-RISE Megan Murphy Germany
DAAD-RISE Brooke Bolsinger Germany
DAAD-RISE Mark Agoston Germany
DAAD-RISE Ritisha Das Germany
DAAD-RISE Elaine Greer Germany
DAAD-RISE Kylie Hartana Germany
DAAD-RISE Joelle Khair Germany
DAAD-RISE Rachel Einecker Germany
DAAD-RISE Sarah Lunetto Germany
DAAD-RISE Jade Pastor Germany
DAAD-RISE Rylee James Germany
DAAD-RISE Claire LuzHoxsie Germany
Fulbright ETA Bailey Hardt Taiwan
Fulbright ETA Eli Fox Kazakhstan
Fulbright ETA Usame Gunes Turkey
Fulbright ETA Justin Kopek Brazil
Fulbright ETA Christian Shousha Georgia
Fulbright ETA Isabella Werner Slovak Republic
Fulbright ETA Joseph Bergs Spain
Fulbright ETA Collin Frank Armenia
Fulbright ETA Max Biederman Tajikistan
Fulbright S/R Quinne Daoust Israel
Fulbright S/R David Gowey Philippines
Fulbright S/R Isabela Huckabee Philippines
Fulbright S/R Brian Fahey South Africa
Fulbright S/R Erin Kong Ireland
Gilman Scholarship Nathaniel A Gomez Japan
Gilman Scholarship Kayla Gonzalez Spain
Gilman Scholarship Connor Guenther India
Gilman Scholarship Rodolfo Guevara Spain
Gilman Scholarship Armando Hernandez Taiwan
Gilman Scholarship Josh D Kades Spain
Gilman Scholarship Sumaiya Manjra Australia
Gilman Scholarship Graciela J Martinez South Korea
Gilman Scholarship Anna Melis Morocco
Gilman Scholarship Karla Mendez France
Gilman Scholarship Itzel E Meza Italy
Gilman Scholarship Evelyn Nguyen Italy
Gilman Scholarship Yudidt Nonthe Sanchez Australia
Gilman Scholarship Jennifer Ortega Fuentes New Zealand
Gilman Scholarship Alberto Plantillas Spain
Gilman Scholarship Izabelah F Requena Italy
Gilman Scholarship Lauren E Richards Antarctica, Argentina
Gilman Scholarship Samantha Sahagun Spain
Gilman Scholarship Kate Y Salazar France
Gilman Scholarship Micah D Stone Spain
Gilman Scholarship Independence Taylor Mexico
Gilman Scholarship Jessica Tittle Costa Rica
Gilman Scholarship Elizabeth Truckenbrod-Hart United Kingdom
Gilman Scholarship Isabelle M Ugarte Spain
Gilman Scholarship Yamilet Valdez United Kingdom, Italy, Spain
Gilman Scholarship Anabelen Vasquez-Santamaria Italy
Gilman Scholarship Daniela Villarreal Italy
Gilman Scholarship Robby Yamamoto New Zealand
Gilman Scholarship Arnulfo Acedo Jr Spain
Gilman Scholarship Nadia Y Aguilar South Korea
Gilman Scholarship Dakota A.S. Betancourt France
Gilman Scholarship Alexander Carillo Costa Rica
Gilman Scholarship Kyle D Colby Germany
Gilman Scholarship Andrea Acosta Chavez Spain
Gilman Scholarship Yerosan Bekele Ireland
Gilman Scholarship Robert Currier Botswana
Gilman Scholarship Francisco Enriquez-Calcano Taiwan
Gilman Scholarship Miguel Garcia Spain
Gilman Scholarship Patricia Garcia Italy
Gilman Scholarship Kaitlyn Hurtado Italy
Gilman Scholarship Lexy Lujan France
Gilman Scholarship Luiza Monti Italy
Gilman Scholarship Ehdoh Moo Vietnam, Thailand
Gilman Scholarship Madison R Ramirez France
Gilman Scholarship Edwin Rodriguez Norway
Gilman Scholarship Jamina Sanchez France
Gilman Scholarship Elizabeth M Smith Norway
Gilman Scholarship Jovana Vincic Krgyzstan
Gilman Scholarship Dayanara Watkins North Macedonia
Gilman Scholarship Azure Jay (AJ) Wolfe Australia
Gilman Scholarship Ian Bankhead Spain
Goldwater Chloe Leff N/A
Google PhD Fellowship Kyle Zeng N/A
Marshall Scholarship Katie Sue Pascavis Leeds
NSF GRFP Eugene Chung N/A
NSF GRFP Liliaokeawawa Kiyoko Cothren N/A
NSF GRFP Cora Baron N/A
NSF GRFP Krystina Adriana Boyd-Frenkel N/A
NSF GRFP Gergey Alzaem Mousa N/A
NSF GRFP Jake William Dean N/A
NSF GRFP Syphered Ciara N/A
NSF GRFP Afra Nawar N/A
NSF GRFP John Heggland N/A
NSF GRFP Siva Maneparambil Kailas N/A
NSF GRFP Leah J Darwin N/A
NSF GRFP Claire Helene Blaske N/A
NSF GRFP Jasmin Falconer N/A
NSF GRFP Nicholas Ho N/A
NSF GRFP Julianna Perez N/A
NSF GRFP Samantha Lynne Weiss N/A
NSF GRFP Bryan T Ugaz N/A
NSF GRFP Luisa Judith Zamora Chavez N/A
NSF GRFP Erin Crust N/A
NSF GRFP Zorah Zafari N/A
NSF GRFP Audrey Lillian Dervarics N/A
NSF GRFP Alejandro Jorge Olvera N/A
NSF GRFP Jamie Katz N/A
NSF GRFP Skylar Grayson N/A
Pickering Fellowship Collin Frank Georgetown
Quad Fellowship Samantha Harker N/A
Quad Fellowship Xaimarie Hernandez Cruz N/A
Rangel Fellowship Maria Dooling N/A
Rhodes Scholarship Nathaniel Ross Oxford
Udall Honorable Mention David Machbitz N/A
Udall Honorable Mention Ethan Tacheene N/A

Previous award recipients

Award Name Student Name Country/University
Barrett Global Explorers Grant Valeria Perez Mexico
Barrett Global Explorers Grant Kallee Schwann Costa Rica, Dominican Republic
Boren Scholarship Noah Byrd Taiwan
Boren Scholarship Emma Strouse Taiwan
Boren Scholarship Madeleine Zheng Taiwan
Boren Scholarship Raymond Ortiz Taiwan
Boren Scholarship Emma Strouse Taiwan
Boren Scholarship Madeleine Ryan Brazil 
Critical Languages Scholarship Angus McVicker Mendez Japan
Critical Languages Scholarship Miriam Carpenter-Cosand Brazil 
Critical Languages Scholarship Christian Shousha Kyrgyzstan (Russian)
Critical Languages Scholarship Armando Hernandez Taiwan
DAAD-Rise Miriam Goras Germany
DAAD-Rise Olivia Wyatt Germany
DAAD-Rise Piper Heiligenstein Germany
DAAD-Rise Rylee James Germany
DAAD-Rise Tianna Chemello Germany
DAAD-Rise Cameron Morgan Germany
DAAD-Rise Shrey Garg Germany
DAAD-Rise Chloe Leff Germany
DAAD-Rise Eliana Watson Germany
DAAD-Rise Julia Greteman Germany
DAAD-Rise Christina Bell Germany
DAAD-Rise Jasmin Falconer Germany
DAAD-Rise Samihan Muppirala Germany
DAAD-Rise Mariah Mcnally Germany
DAAD-Rise Isabelle Abbas Germany
DAAD-Rise Julia Greteman Germany
DAAD-Rise Eliana Watson Germany
Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program Sydney Lewis  
Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program Tala Al-Thaler  
Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program Fanny Sanchez-Villareal  
Fulbright UK Summer Institutes Program Alyssa Cortez Aberystwyth University
Fulbright US Student Program Brittany Duran South Korean
Fulbright US Student Program Esther Almazan Ireland
Fulbright US Student Program Kristina McCarthy Kazakhstan
Fulbright US Student Program Celeste Zuniga Brazil 
Fulbright US Student Program Danielle Brister Taiwan
Fulbright US Student Program Danika Kartchner Taiwan
Fulbright US Student Program Cristian Payan Mexico
Fulbright US Student Program Yoko Chavez Argentina
Fulbright US Student Program Miriam Goras Norway
Fulbright US Student Program Wen Wendt Mongolia
Fulbright US Student Program Claire Agee Finland
Fulbright US Student Program Talia Rodriguez Ghana
Goldwater Scholarship Claire Blaske  
Goldwater Scholarship Jasmin Falconer  
Goldwater Scholarship Lauren Harstad  
Goldwater Scholarship Katie Sue Pascavis  
Killam Fellowship Benjamin Ambrose University of Alberta
Killam Fellowship Jordyn Hitzeman McGill University
Killam Fellowship Maria Cornejo-Terry University of Toronto
Payne Fellowship Brianna Stinsman  
Pickering Fellowship Monica Orillo  
Pickering Fellowship Juan San Nicolas  
Pickering Fellowship Angel Orozco  
Truman Scholarship Armando Montero  
Udall Scholarship Dylan Bia  
Udall Scholarship Katie Sue Pascavis  
Award Name Student Name Country/University
Barrett Global Explorers Grant Aubrey Berger Costa Rica
Barrett Global Explorers Grant Santana Solomon United States
Boren Scholarship James Larsen Indonesia
Boren Scholarship Bianca Navia Jordan
Boren Scholarship Daniel O'Hara Taiwan
Critical Languages Scholarship Max Courval Brazil
Critical Languages Scholarship Layne Philpson Russia
Critical Languages Scholarship Jessica Sims Russia
DAAD-Rise Brandon Chan Germany
DAAD-Rise Miriam Goras Germany
DAAD-Rise Noelle Hester Germany
DAAD-Rise Zoe Horvath Germany
DAAD-Rise Christopher Yurgel Germany
Fulbright US Student Program Ivan Alcazar South Korean
Fulbright US Student Program James Bennett Portugal
Fulbright US Student Program David Gatchel Germany
Fulbright US Student Program Joseph Holway Cambodia
Fulbright US Student Program Julia Jackman Norway
Fulbright US Student Program Carson Parent Romania
Fulbright US Student Program Maya Shrikant Hungary
Fulbright US Student Program Daniel Holton Taiwan
Goldwater Scholarship Isabela Huckabee  
Killam Fellowship Adam Chismar Carleton University
Killam Fellowship Madisyn Goodballet University of Ottawa
Killam Fellowship David Lopez McGill University
Marshall Scholarship Alexander Sojourney University of London
NSEP Fellowship McKenna Kellar Ukraine
Pickering Fellowship Claudia Rivera Garcia  
Pickering Fellowship Cameron Vega  
Rangel Fellowship Tatum James  
Rangel Fellowship Jacqueline White  
Udall Scholarship Nathaniel Ross  
Award Name Student Name Country/University
Barrett Global Explorers Grant Amal Altaf (w/Julia) N/A
Barrett Global Explorers Grant Julia Jackman (w/ Amal) N/A
Barrett Global Explorers Grant M. Colin Marvin N/A
Gates-Cambridge Manneh, Balanding UK
Gates-Cambridge Makuyana, Ntombizodwa UK
Fulbright Bulen, Haidyn Australia
Fulbright Collins, Scott Ecuador
Fulbright Conner, Jennifer Taiwan ETA
Fulbright Eickerman, Beckett
Netherlands ETA
Fulbright Ericson, Rebecca Hong Kong ETA
Fulbright Glenn, Erica Ukraine
Fulbright Heywood, Justin South Korea ETA
Fulbright Italia, Tony Turkey
Fulbright James, Tatum North Macedonia ETA
Fulbright Klosterman, Katja Czech Republic
Fulbright Olson, Abigail Taiwan ETA
Fulbright Orillo, Monica Germany ETA
Fulbright Pelayo, Berenice Mexico - Binational Internship
Fulbright San Nicolas, Juan South Korea ETA
Fulbright Stull, Madeline Serbia
Fulbright Summer UK Cornejo-Terry, Maria UK 
Goldwater  Carter, Delondrae N/A
Goldwater  Hocken, Alexis N/A
Goldwater  Sneh, Tal N/A
Killam Kaplan, Julie University of Prince Edward Island - Fall 2020
Killam Natarajan, Anusha Carleton University - Spring 2021
Killam Morenzoni, Catherine University of Calgary - either term
Killam Whiteman, Elizabeth York University - either term  
NSEP Fellowship Berends, Alexandra Taiwan   
NSEP  Grosser, William China     
NSEP  Mohamed, Hussein Ghana  
NSEP  Navia, Bianca Jordan  
NSEP  Parker, Olivia Taiwan    
NSEP  Ransone, John Thailand  
Udall Draper, Nekiyah N/A  
Udall Real Bird, Grant N/A  
Udall Langrand, Tahiry N/A  
Yenching Featherston, Ryan China - Peking University
Award Name Student Name Country/University
Barrett Global Explorers Grant Primrose Dzenga  
Barrett Global Explorers Grant Aidan McGirr  
Fulbright Sarah Abuwandi Spain ETA
Fulbright Karina Alonso Mexico ETA
Fulbright Mia Armstrong Mexico ETA
Fulbright Nichol Brown Germany ETA
Fulbright Charlotte Burton Germany ETA
Fulbright Maria Dooling Malaysia ETA
Fulbright Chandler Fritz Hungary ETA
Fulbright Emily Giel Vietnam ETA
Fulbright Megan Hiestand Malaysia ETA
Fulbright Meredith Johnson Panama
Fulbright Carolina Marques de Mesquita Portugal ETA
Fulbright Carson Parent Romania ETA
Fulbright Jenna Parker South Korea ETA
Fulbright Sara Quinones Spain ETA
Fulbright Mikayla Schilling South Korea ETA
Fulbright Rebecca Spiess Germany
Fulbright Elena Vanasse Torres Brazil ETA
Fulbright Angeline Young Italy
Fulbright Jakob Wastek Germany ETA
Fulbright Summer UK Kylie Cochrane University of Bristol
Goldwater Madeline Howell  
Goldwater Maeve Kennedy  
Goldwater Lily Whitler  
Killam Rachael King Acadia University 
Killam Madison Lusk Univeristy of Alberta
Killam Bianca Navia University of Ottawa
Killam Alexandra Neumann University of Prince Edward Island
NSEP Maria Dooling Arabic
NSEP Dominique Reichenbach Mandarin
NSEP Jaqueline White Swahili
NSEP Margaret Zheng Mandarin
Pickering Foreign Affairs Matthew Jernstedt  
Rhodes Shantel Marekera Oxford
Award Name Student Name Country/University
Barrett Global Explorers Grant Kinley Ragan  
Barrett Global Explorers Grant (partial) Lauren Barnes  
Fulbright Alissa Albrecht Netherlands
Fulbright Julia Anderson South Korea ETA
Fulbright Kelly Blevins Mexico
Fulbright Catherine Carson Taiwan ETA
Fulbright Austin Cotter Spain ETA
Fulbright Alec Davies Spain ETA
Fulbright Shannon Ditto France
Fulbright Rachel Fadlovich Malaysia ETA
Fulbright Haley Gerber Thailand ETA
Fulbright Carlyn Harris Panama
Fulbright Aliya Hoff Greece
Fulbright Slema Ismail Malaysia ETA
Fulbright Darby Jones Indonesia ETA
Fulbright Paige Madison Indonesia
Fulbright Mikala Malmgren India ETA
Fulbright Alexander Meszler France - Arts
Fulbright Monet Niesluchowski Mongolia ETA
Fulbright Michael Pineda Spain
Fulbright Hannah Spencer Serbia ETA
Fulbright Madeline Williamson Estonia ETA
Fulbright Jacob Zarate Spain ETA
Fulbright Lauren Garvey South Korea ETA
Fulbright Summer UK Justin Heywood Aberystwyth University
Fulbright Summer UK Maggie Waller University of Bristol
Fulbright Summer UK Miranda Yousif University of Bristol
Goldwater Meilin Zhu  
Goldwater Humza Zubair  
Killam Anirudh Koka Carleton University of Ottawa
Killam Carolina Marques de Mesquita University of Calgary
Marshall Frank Smith  
NSEP Robert Brown Latvia
NSEP Monica Orillo Philippines
Truman Alexa Scholl  
Udall Kinley Ragan  
Award Name Student Name Country/University
Barrett Honors Intercontinental Study Award Monet Niesluchowski  
Barrett Honors Intercontinental Study Award Emily Gough  
Churchill Christopher Balzer University of Cambridge
Fulbright Molly Benkaim Poland ETA
Fulbright Michele Clark Nepal
Fulbright Meera Doshi Malaysia ETA
Fulbright Patricia Esch India
Fulbright John Harkness Austria
Fulbright Megan Kelly Vietnam ETA
Fulbright Daniel Klingenberg Albania
Fulbright Shane Lubold Luxembourg
Fulbright Breanne McNitt Thailand
Fulbright Frea Mehta Netherlands
Fulbright Ainsley Pfeiffer India ETA
Fulbright Cassandra Roose Belgium ETA
Fulbright Tajia Moertle Bulgaria ETA
Fulbright Chloe Warpinski Slovak Republic ETA
Fulbright Summer UK Alyssa Santa Cruz Queen's University Belfast
Fulbright Summer UK Jakob Wastek University of Dundee
Killam Layla Anderson Dalhousie University
Killam Jeanette Dilley University of Calgary
Killam Brittany Hale York University
Marshall Erin Schulte Kings College
NSEP Joe Conant Qatar
Rhodes Ngoni Mugwisi Oxford
Udall Megan Tom  
Award Name Student Name Country/University
Circumnavigator Carlyn Harris  
Barrett Honors Intercontinental Study Award Brigitte Nicoletti  
Fulbright Andrew Ahearne Luxembourg ETA
Fulbright Elise Alonzi Ireland
Fulbright Connor Baskin Germany ETA
Fulbright Elizabeth Blackburn Kazakhstan
Fulbright David Cady Laos
Fulbright Travis Franks Australia
Fulbright Bridget Harding South Korea ETA
Fulbright Madeline Houts Taiwan
Fulbright Tyler Kirk Russia
Fulbright Thomas Lepke Czech Republic ETA
Fulbright Nichole Lucero France
Fulbright Vid Micevic Thailand ETA
Fulbright Sophie Sylla South Africa ETA
Fulbright Raquel Thoesen Germany ETA
Fulbright Mitzi Vilchis-Lopez Mexico ETA
Fulbright Maryam Waris Turkey ETA
Fulbright Summer UK Austin Cotter Scotland-Universities of Dundee & Strathclyde
Fulbright Summer UK Victoria Crynes Scotland-Universities of Dundee & Strathclyde
Fulbright Summer UK Advika Dani Scotland-Universities of Dundee & Strathclyde
Fulbright Summer UK Anirudh Koka University of London-SOAS
Fulbright Summer UK Carolina Marques de Mesquita University of London-SOAS
Fulbright Summer UK Margaret Tucker Queen's University Belfast
Gates Cambridge Michael Meaney Cambridge University
Goldwater Barrett Anderies  
Goldwater Christopher Balzer  
Goldwater Kaleigh Johnson  
Killam Sapna Daryanani University of Calgary
Killam Natalie Hochhaus University of Ottawa
Killam Emily Jackman York University
NSEP Brieanna Griffin Tanzania
NSEP Fellowship Clinton Reiswig Egypt
PPIA Junior Summer Institute Jamee Lind Princeton University
PPIA Junior Summer Institute Baltazar Hernandez Princeton University
Schwarzman Jessica Hocken Tsinghua University
Udall (Honorable Mention) Kiana Flores  
Award Name Student Name Country/University
Fulbright Linnea Bennett Turkey ETA
Fulbright Claire Cambron South Korea ETA
Fulbright Tate Desper South Korea ETA
Fulbright Chase Fitzgerald South Korea ETA
Fulbright Rachel Gur-Arie Israel ETA
Fulbright Ashley Hagaman Nepal
Fulbright Allegra Hyde Bulgaria ETA
Fulbright Eva Jeffers India ETA
Fulbright Michelle Kunkel Senegal ETA
Fulbright Candance Lewis Switzerland
Fulbright Daniel Oberhaus India ETA
Fulbright Quinton Scribner Russia ETA
Fulbright Amalie Sielaff Germany ETA
Fulbright Jenna Smith South Korea ETA
Fulbright Cameron Tattle Bangladesh ETA
Fulbright Naomi Telushkin Singapore
Fulbright Derek Townsend Armenia
Fulbright Natasa Vulic Switzerland
Fulbright Lin Wang Taiwan ETA
Fulbright Allison Weidemann Turkey ETA
Fulbright Jaxon Williams Spain
Fulbright Matthew Ykema Netherlands
Fulbright UK Summer Jane Cadwalader Nottingham Trent University
Fulbright UK Summer Brandon Dorr University of Bristol
Fulbright UK Summer Patricia Esch Scotland Institute
Fulbright UK Summer Kaleigh Johnson University of Exeter
Fulbright UK Summer Brittney McCormick University of Bristol
Goldwater Kelley Morgan  
Goldwater - Honorable Mention Eugene Chung  
Goldwater - Honorable Mention Grace Kennedy  
Killam Maria Eller Dalhousie University
Killam Emily Parriott Mount Allison University
NSEP/Boren Monet Niesluchowski Tajikistan
Truman Frank Smith  
Udall Vid Micevic  
Udall Daniela Panfil  
Award Name Student Name Country/University
Fulbright Jake Adler India ETA
Fulbright Paula Crawford Macedonia ETA
Fulbright Emily Foree Thailand ETA
Fulbright Alysha Green Brazil ETA
Fulbright Kelsey Hagenah South Korea ETA
Fulbright Yu Hin "Jeffrey" Lam South Korea ETA
Fulbright Brianna Pantilione Tajikistan ETA
Fulbright Haley Peterson Norway
Fulbright Kyle Renick Taiwan ETA
Fulbright Dee Sagawe Chile
Fulbright Amelia Spinrad Malaysia ETA
Fulbright Melissa Stone Greece ETA
Fulbright Kevin Thomas Canada
Fulbright Michelle Towers Turkey ETA
Fulbright Caleb Volz Bulgaria ETA
Fulbright - UK Summer Kelly Allen Wales
Fulbright - UK Summer Bryce Santiago Scotland
Fulbright - UK Summer Ryan Theisen University of Bristol
Fulbright - UK Summer Jacqueline Welsh Wales
Goldwater Ryan Muller  
Goldwater Brett Larsen  
Goldwater Jakob Hansen  
Goldwater - Honorable Mention Samuel Blitz  
Killam Emily Finn Acadia University
Killam Michael Kim University of Toronto
Killam Lindsey Kirkham Carleton University
Killam Maggie LaPoint University of Alberta
Marshall Madeline Sands London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
NSEP/Boren Cristian Cirjan Romania
NSEP/Boren Gabrielle Cristelli China
NSEP/Boren Vid Micevic Croatia
NSEP/Boren Ainesh Pandey India
NSEP/Boren Amy Umaretiya Turkey
Udall-Honorable Mention Shaandiin Parrish  
Award Name Student Name Country/University
Fulbright Teagan Adamson Taiwan
Fulbright Courtney Brown Argentina
Fulbright Jaleila Brumand United Kingdom
Fulbright Michael Cannon Thailand - ETA
Fulbright Kristin D'Souza Turkey - ETA
Fulbright Lauren Davis Slovakia - ETA
Fulbright Samantha De Palo Mexico - ETA
Fulbright Marva Dixon South Africa - ETA
Fulbright David Estrada Armenia - ETA
Fulbright Tristan Fehr Spain
Fulbright Brett Fitzgerald South Korea - ETA
Fulbright Bridgette Gilliland Macedonia-ETA
Fulbright Ayesha Harrison Malaysia - ETA
Fulbright Robin Hytowitz Denmark
Fulbright Andrea Kaloush Spain - ETA
Fulbright Christopher Kuzdas Costa Rica
Fulbright Kristine LIn South Korea - ETA
Fulbright Yan Mann Russia
Fulbright Patrick McDermott India - ETA
Fulbright Mark Petersen Mexico
Fulbright Douglas Rice Poland-ETA
Fulbright Mary Richardson Turkey - ETA
Fulbright John Sullivan Mexico
Fulbright Amy Sweitlik Brazil
Fulbright Easton White Canada
Fulbright Pansy Yip South Korea - ETA
Fulbright - UK Summer TJ Radigan Queen's University Belfast
Goldwater Matthew Brown  
Killam Ryan Blum McMaster University
Killam Daniel Oberhaus University of Victoria
Killam Jenna Smith Dalhousie University
NSEP/Boren Ivan Babanovski Macedonia
NSEP/Boren Leigh Lawrence China
NSEP/Boren Alyssa Sims Jordan
NSEP/Boren Rebecca Steffens Russia
Udall Emily Allen  
Award Name Student Name Country/University
Fulbright Catherine Brist Indonesia-ETA
Fulbright Maisoon Chowdhury Bangladesh
Fulbright Catherine Coverley Indonesia-ETA
Fulbright Aubrey Doyle Taiwan-ETA
Fulbright Christopher Galletti Oman
Fulbright Hunter Gros India-ETA
Fulbright Erica Hartmann France
Fulbright Daniel Jones Malaysia-ETA
Fulbright Ned Klein Indonesia-ETA
Fulbright Ayumi Kunihiro Nepal-ETA
Fulbright Stephanie Law Thailand-ETA
Fulbright Evan Lewis Germany-ETA
Fulbright Steven Limpert Australia
Fulbright Katherine MacCord Finland
Fulbright Lauren Meiss Sweden
Fulbright Sarah Newcomer Spain
Fulbright Sarah Norman Turkey
Fulbright Korey Silverman-Roati Turkey
Fulbright Dustin Volz Indonesia-ETA
Fulbright Erica Warkus Indonesia
Fulbright Ginger Whitesell South Korea-ETA
Fulbright Thomas Wilson South Korea-ETA
Goldwater Alex Gutierrez  
Killam Mark Beal York University
Killam Quentin Gunn McGill University
Killam Kewmars Keyvani Queen's University
NSEP/Boren David Choi South Korea
NSEP/Boren Paula Crawford Kosovo
NSEP/Boren Jesus DeLintt Jordan
NSEP/Boren Melisa Frost Armenia
NSEP/Boren Danica Harvey China
Marshall Madeline Grade University College
Truman Leah Luben  
Udall Samantha Aguirre  
Udall Krissy Bergen  
Award Name Student Name Country/University
Fulbright David Proffitt India
Fulbright Daniel Pout Macedonia
Fulbright Max Pardo Turkey-ETA
Fulbright Gabriella Sanchez-Martinez Israel
Fulbright Gabriel Sears Germany
Fulbright Kristen Barlish Italy
Fulbright Matthew Williams China
Fulbright Kirsten Traynor France
Fulbright Elizabeth Meadows Uruguay-ETA
Fulbright Michael Rutkowski Korea
Fulbright Lauren Gambino United Kingdom
Fulbright Kelly McVey Poland-ETA
Fulbright Charisse Carver France
Fulbright Taylor Hawkins Turkey-ETA
Fulbright Rebekkah Cole Germany-ETA
Fulbright Douglas London Ecuador
Fulbright Andrew Karst Taiwan-ETA
Fulbright Andrew Westover South Africa-ETA
Fulbright Paul Jackson Taiwan
Goldwater Brian Perea  
Goldwater Michael Kenney  
Goldwater John Ingraham  
Goldwater Erik Stout  
Killam Taylor Murray McGill University
Killam Adrielle Munger Queen's University
Killam Kristin D'Souza University of Toronto
NSEP/Boren Zachary Yentzer Kosovo
NSEP/Boren Cameron Bean Jordan
NSEP/Boren Melissa Tse China
NSEP/Boren Hannah LaLuzerne Russia
NSEP/Boren Christian Hoyt Russia
NSEP/Boren Lana Larkin China
NSEP/Boren Galen Lamphere-Englund Bosnia Herzegovina
NSEP/Boren Adam Starbuck Russia
NSEP/Boren Jonathan Sankman Japan
NSEP/Boren William Pentis Jordan
Truman Danielle Back  
Udall John Kondziolka  
Udall Trudie Jackson  
Udall Samantha Aguirre  
USA Today 1st Team Cole Wirpel  
Award Name Student Name Country/University
Fulbright Hayfa Aboukier Turkey-ETA
Fulbright Eric Anderson Netherlands
Fulbright Justin Barbaro South Korea-ETA
Fulbright Christina Clancey Spain
Fulbright Brittany Collins Jordan-ETA
Fulbright Alanna Duong South Korea-ETA
Fulbright Olivia Gutierrez Turkey-ETA
Fulbright Michelle Hernandez South Korea-ETA
Fulbright Samantha Jensen South Africa-ETA
Fulbright Allyn Knox Switzerland
Fulbright Olenka Lenets South Korea-ETA
Fulbright Joanna Malukiewicz Brazil
Fulbright Christina Mesiti Mexico
Fulbright Annie Pennell Romania-ETA
Fulbright Jessica Reyes Spain-ETA
Fulbright Jacob Schmidgall South Korea-ETA
Fulbright Dusana Schnell Mexico
Fulbright Jing Song South Korea-ETA
Fulbright David Walsh Canada
Fulbright Jeremy Wendte Bangladesh
Goldwater Michael Christiansen  
Goldwater Edward Lee  
Goldwater Tyler Libey  
Goldwater Glenn Markov  
NSEP/Boren Anne Clay South Korea
NSEP/Boren Katherine Dreeland Jordan
NSEP/Boren Bailey Edgell Romania
NSEP/Boren Caitlin Klein China
NSEP/Boren Daniel Mark Russia
NSEP/Boren Mark Petersen Brazil
NSEP/Boren Joshua Rand-Castillo China
Truman Alyssa Bisanz  
Udall LaDawn Yazzie  
Award Name Student Name Country/University
Fulbright Ali Anderson South Korea
Fulbright Mark Appleton India
Fulbright Anna Consie Fulbright Sponsored-French Govt. ETA
Fulbright Elyssa Ford Romania
Fulbright Erin Hutchinson Moldova
Fulbright Melissa Mapes Portugal
Fulbright Michelle McCrackin Norway
Fulbright Ryan Meyer Australia
Fulbright Teague O'Mara Madagascar
Fulbright Elizabeth Ridder Cyprus
Fulbright Courtney Rowland Japan
Fulbright Brooke Schedneck Thailand
Fulbright Marina Shapiro Argentina
Fulbright Grace Shigetani Croatia
Fulbright Sarah Slagle Korea
Fulbright Sarah Staton Ecuador
Fulbright Uyen Tran Vietnam
Fulbright Robert Trevino Sweden
Fulbright Kristin Tovson Germany
Goldwater Murdock Hart  
Goldwater Joshua Niska  
Goldwater Ben Strauber  
Marshall Andrew Gamalski  
NSEP/Boren Devon Gan China
NSEP/Boren Alisha Herman Jordan
NSEP/Boren Kevin Keller China
NSEP/Boren Bryan Tom China
NSEP/Boren Cole Wirpel Turkey
NSEP/Boren Shirlene Yee Taiwan
Udall Robert Howard  
Udall Christa Lee  
USA Today-1st Team Charlene Bashore  
USA Today-2nd Team Eric Anderson  
Award Name Student Name Country/University
Fulbright Jamie Adamson Taiwan
Fulbright Courtney-Savali Andrews New Zealand
Fulbright Natalia Anker-Lagos Tajikistan
Fulbright Roberto Dominguez Spain
Fulbright Emily Faulkner Slovak Republic
Fulbright Jonathan Kelley South Korea
Fulbright Ian Lee Egypt
Fulbright Zach Pirtle Mexico
Fulbright Ryan Sandell Netherlands
Fulbright Taylor Spears United Kingdom
Fulbright Cara Steiner-Kiggins Egypt
Fulbright Eva Wingren Malaysia
Fulbright Julianne Yee Macau
Goldwater Charlene Bashore  
Goldwater Lara Cardy  
Goldwater Andrew Gamalski  
Goldwater Bryan Rolfe  
Marshall Megan McGinnity  
NSEP/Boren Laurie Dermer Russia
NSEP/Boren Matthew Jacobs Bosnia
NSEP/Boren Derek Kedziora Kyrgizstan
NSEP/Boren Sara Schwalm Russia
NSEP/Boren Tegan Tonge Egypt
NSEP/Boren Samantha Willy Brazil
Truman Devin Mauney  
Udall Garth Baughman  
Udall Christa Lee  
USA Today 1st STeam Megan McGinnity  
Award Name Student Name Country/University
Fulbright Nathan Belois Bosnia-ETA
Fulbright Ryan Donaghy Turkey-ETA
Fulbright Shannon Fortin Belgium
Fulbright Jon Pierre Fortney Netherlands
Fulbright Naomi Goldenson Spain
Fulbright Sherry Harlacher Sri Lanka
Fulbright Bryant Jensen Mexico
Fulbright Nguyen Ly Germany
Fulbright Brad McDonnell Indonesia
Fulbright Michael McIntyre Albania
Fulbright Diana Park South Korea
Fulbright Antonio Rubio Spain
Fulbright Amelia Schubert South Korea-ETA
Fulbright Damian Stamer Hungary
Fulbright Samson Swanick Indonesia
Fulbright Erin Traeger Macedonia
Fulbright Ben Walker Canada
Fulbright Mary Walker Italy
Fulbright/Hays DDRA Sherry Harlacher Sri Lanka
Goldwater Eric Anderson  
Goldwater Allison Engstrom  
NSEP/Boren Joseph Bodell Macedonia
NSEP/Boren Kevin Cunagin Poland
NSEP/Boren Malaya Fletcher Philippines
NSEP/Boren Jonathan Hovander Romania
NSEP/Boren Meagan King Russia
NSEP/Boren Timothy Lee South Korea
NSEP/Boren Devin Mauney Brazil
NSEP/Boren Dan McEwan Jordan
NSEP/Boren Elizabeth Miller Albania
NSEP/Boren Shaina Niedermeier Albania
NSEP/Boren Chris Person South Africa
NSEP/Boren Nicole Rennell South Africa
NSEP/Boren Christopher Stiles Taiwan
NSEP/Boren Ben Strauber India
NSEP/Boren Shirlene Yee China
Truman Megan McGinnity  
Udall Sharon Cini  
Udall Andrea Garfinkel-Castro  
Udall Jennifer Jackson  
USA Today-2nd Team James Cronican  
Award Name Student Name Country/University
Fulbright Naomi Bellot Dominica
Fulbright Boyd Branch Netherlands
Fulbright Liz Dreeland Uruguay
Fulbright Chris Graham Mauritius
Fulbright Chris Lundry Indonesia
Fulbright Andrew McKenna Moldova
Fulbright Naomi Moland Spain
Fulbright Kate Murray Australia
Fulbright Akshai Patel Chile
Fulbright Willow Paule Indonesia
Fulbright Stephanie Reina Spain
Fulbright Noah Theriault Philippines
Goldwater James Cronican  
Goldwater Shannon Fortin  
Goldwater Lawarence Mickelson  
Goldwater Paul Schmit  
NSEP/Boren Natalia Anker-Lagos Russia
NSEP/Boren Melissa Archibald Russia
NSEP/Boren Steven Cottam Armenia
NSEP/Boren Jamie Forseth Poland
NSEP/Boren Erin Hutchinson Armenia
NSEP/Boren Scott Legler Russia
NSEP/Boren Hannah Mensing Turkey
NSEP/Boren John Wulsin China
NSEP/Boren Jenny Yi China
NSEP/Boren Madelyn Yribarren Egypt
Udall Taylor Jackson  
Udall Arianne Peterson  
USA Today-3rd Team Taylor Jackson  
USA Today-Honorable Mention Liz Dreeland  
Award Name Student Name Country/University
Fulbright Sarah Boyle Brazil
Fulbright Benjamin Coats Macedonia
Fulbright Mary "Bryan"Curd Netherlands
Fulbright Michelle Elliott Mexico
Fulbright Joanna Iocavelli Indonesia
Fulbright Kari Jordan-Diller Thailand
Fulbright Renata Keller Argentina
Fulbright Eric Lind South Africa
Fulbright Amanda Pepping Germany
Fulbright Janelle Sandene Korea
Fulbright B.J. Savitch Norway
Fulbright Yolanda Serrano-Gehman Mexico
Fulbright Jarrod Shobe Malaysia
Fulbright Liz Strahan South Korea
Goldwater Jason Rugolo  
Marshall Scott MacIntyre  
NSEP/Boren Nicole Cevette Egypt
NSEP/Boren Kimberly Hill Russia
NSEP/Boren Ann Jensby South Africa
NSEP/Boren Katherine Kelberlau Morocco
NSEP/Boren Megan McGinnity Romania
NSEP/Boren Andrew McKenna Romania
NSEP/Boren Adam Pierce Armenia
NSEP/Boren Lee Anne Shaffer China
NSEP/Boren Cara Steiner Egypt
Udall Taylor Jackson  
USA Today 1st TEam Scott MacIntyre  
USA Today 2nd Team Jared Niska  
Award Name Student Name Country/University
Fulbright Daniel Allen Brazil
Fulbright Gabe Burnett Denmark
Fulbright Wing-Yan Choi Hong Kong
Fulbright James Deyo III Romania
Fulbright Catherine Duquette Spain
Fulbright Alan Fortuna Germany
Fulbright Trevor Helminski Germany
Fulbright Amanda Riske Norway
Fulbright Jessica Thompson South Africa
Goldwater Stephen Brink  
Goldwater William Hendricks  
Goldwater Jared Niska  
NSEP/Boren Diana Chu China
NSEP/Boren Liz Dreeland Budapest
NSEP/Boren Gina Dumkrieger Serbia
NSEP/Boren David Finkelstein Egypt
NSEP/Boren Natalie Grant China
NSEP/Boren Brad Griffin Kazakhstan
NSEP/Boren Sofia Khera Egypt
NSEP/Boren Ian Kushner Uzbekistan
NSEP/Boren Rekha Nair India
NSEP/Boren Maria Santiago Serbia
NSEP/Boren Rebecca Webb Egypt
NSEP/Boren George Weihing Japan
NSEP/Boren Nan Wu China
Udall Alexander "Sasha" Keyel  
Udall Christopher Vicente  
USA Today 1st Team Lubna Ahmad  
USA Today 2nd Team Christopher Tijerina  
Award Name Student Name Country/University
Fulbright Bethanne Altringer Spain
Fulbright Jonathan Beekman Mexico
Fulbright Deborah Boyer Philippines
Fulbright Wendy Coursen Macedonia
Fulbright Jamison Gray Germany
Fulbright Jesus Lara Netherlands
Fulbright Brenna Lissoway New Zealand
Fulbright Robert Niebuhr Croatia
Fulbright Danielle Ross Kazakhstan
Fulbright Janet Staples Norway
Goldwater Lubna Ahmad  
Marshall Brian Lutz  
Marshall Collin Raymond  
NSEP/Boren Orietta Verdugo Mexico
NSEP/Boren Fellowship Robert Niebuhr  
Udall Christopher Vicente  
USA Today 1st Team Collin Raymond  
USA Today 2nd Team Esther Ellsworth  
Award Name Student Name Country/University
Fulbright Katie Ann McCarty France
Fulbright Jeff Whitfield England
Goldwater Kevin Ellsworth  
Goldwater Collin Raymond  
Goldwater Megan Thielges  
NSEP/Boren Kerry Pace Russia
NSEP/Boren Danielle Ross Kazan
NSEP/Boren Fellowship Anne Fredrickson  
Truman Esther Ellsworth  
Udall Esther Ellsworth  
USA Today 1st Team Brian Lutz  
Award Name Student Name Country/University
Fulbright Carolyn Beeson Israel
Fulbright Eric Blankenship Germany
Goldwater Megan Dueck  
Marshall Gabriel Brat  
Rhodes Philip Mann  
Truman Brian Lutz  
Udall Laura Calandrella  
USA Today 2nd Team Mike Sosso  
Award Name Student Name Country/University
Fulbright Troy Case Denmark
Fulbright Michelle Moran-Taylor Guatemala
Fulbright Anthony Talbot Philippines
Goldwater Brian Lutz  
Goldwater Jimmy Saade  
NSEP/Boren Beth Altringer Czech Republic
NSEP/Boren Laura Calandrella Brazil
NSEP/Boren Wendy Gerster Macedonia
NSEP/Boren Fellowship Todd Katzner Kazakhstan
NSEP/Boren Fellowship Debra Neil  
Udall Laura Calandrella  
Udall Brian Lutz  
USA Today 2nd Team Sara Bush