Serving on Campus Nomination Committees

Campus nomination committees play a crucial role in the national scholarship and fellowship process. Committee panelists review preliminary application materials and participate in on-campus interviews of our applicants—most of whom are undergraduates, but may also be graduate students or recent graduates. The purpose of the nomination process is to evaluate the applicant and to give constructive criticism to help them with final revisions prior to the national deadline. Faculty members from all fields are encouraged to participate as we attempt to match the background and expertise of the panelists to each student.

ASU consistently ranks as a top producer of Fulbright Scholars and currently ranks 11th overall in the US for Marshall Scholars, tied with Brown, Berkeley, Cornell, and Duke. Our continued success in this area is due in large part to the commitment of our faculty. If you are interested in serving on one of these nomination committees, please e-mail Laura Sells at


Serving on Practice Interview Committees

Programs such as the Rhodes, Marshall, and Truman Scholarship not only require university prescreening and nomination but also include a rigorous interview process for applicants. We rely heavily on faculty members to help prepare nominated students so that they feel confident representing ASU on a national level. The primary intention of the practice interview is to allow students to become familiar with the rhythm and pacing of an interview of this type and expose them to questions that they are likely to encounter in the actual interview.  Additionally, the practice interviews should also accomplish the following:

  • Offer practice in giving clear, direct, thoughtful, and concise answers to complex questions;
  • Inspire candidates to think deeply about the issues suggested by their application;
  • Invite candidates to address hypothetical situations that pose difficult ethical or moral choices; and
  • Challenge candidates to demonstrate the breadth of their understanding of Western cultural traditions, their awareness and understanding of world events, and their familiarity with the program.

The following national scholarships and fellowships require university nomination or endorsement and therefore have additional application requirements and deadlines:

British & Irish Scholarships
(incl. RhodesMarshallMitchell, Gates CambridgeChurchill) This collection of well-known awards supports graduate study at world-renowned universities in the United Kingdom or Ireland. Nomination and interview prep occur in early September-October.

Fulbright US Student Program

The Fulbright US Student program is the world’s premier international exchange program, providing year-long grants to study, conduct research, pursue artistic projects, or teach in over 150 countries. Campus committee review and interviews are in mid-September. 

Goldwater Scholarship

This award recognizes the nation’s very best undergraduate students in math, science, and engineering. Each university in the United States may only nominate up to four students for this award. ASU endorsement process is in early December. 

Truman Scholarship

This award is the most prestigious award for undergraduates who are pursuing careers in public service. Each university may nominate only four students for this award. ASU endorsement is in November, and a committee interview is required.  

Killam Fellowship

This program provides educational exchanges for US and Canadian undergraduates. Killam recipients may spend a semester or an entire academic year at a Canadian university. Each participating university is limited on the number of applicants that they may nominate; the campus deadline to apply for nomination is in early January.

Udall Scholarship

This award provides $7,000 to outstanding undergraduate students pursuing careers related to environmental conservation, or Native American students pursuing careers in tribal public policy or health care. Each university may nominate only four students in either category; the campus deadline to apply for nomination is in early February.