Apply to Fulbright

ASU Application Timeline

Application Process for Fulbright US Student Program

Before beginning the application process for the Fulbright US Student program, interested students are expected to have thoroughly reviewed the Fulbright US Student program website. Prospective applicants should also carefully read the Country Summaries for their host countries of interest.  

Grant Types

The Fulbright US Student Program funds several types of grants. The two main types of grants are Academic grants and English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) grants. One may only apply for one type of grant per application cycle.

Students applying for Academic (aka "Study/Research") grants design their own academic projects and typically audit courses at and/or complete projects under the supervision of faculty members at foreign universities. Specific program requirements will vary by country. Projects typically involve formal (i.e. classroom) study, directed study, independent research, or some combination of all three. Students may also apply for grants to support projects in the creative and performing arts.

Students who receive an ETA grant are placed in a classroom and assist teachers of English to non-native English speakers. ETA recipients also serve as cultural ambassadors. Specific requirements of ETA grants also vary by country.

Campus Application Procedures

The on-campus deadline to apply for the Fulbright US Student Program is September 9, 2019. Currently, enrolled students are expected to apply through the campus process. The application is submitted entirely online via the Fulbright website.  Students who intend to apply for the Fulbright US Student program should meet individually with an ONSA advisor before starting the application - appointments may be scheduled online.  A step-by-step application guide and checklist are available through ONSA. 

All campus applicants will participate in screening interviews with the Fulbright Campus Committee. Interviews typically occur during the last week of September. Students may continue revising their applications up to the final submission deadline set by the Fulbright Program Adviser (typically a few days before the national submission deadline).

Alumni applicants may directly apply for the Fulbright US Student grant and do not need to apply through the campus process, although they are encouraged to do so. Prospective alumni applicants should consult the FPA before deciding on the proper method of application.

Application Components

To participate in the campus application process, students must submit a complete application by the campus deadline. Fulbright applications are submitted entirely online through the Fulbright US Student Program website. A complete application will consist of the following:

  • Biographical Data (basic CV information)
  • Statement of Grant purpose (one- to two-page grant proposal)
  • Personal Statement (one-page narrative essay)
  • Reference Letters (three)
  • Transcripts

Depending on the type of grant and the requirements of the host country, applicants may also need to submit the following:

  • Affiliation Letter (proof of agreement from host institution)
  • Foreign Language Evaluation
  • Supplementary Materials (for students in the creative and performing arts)